Get Aus Online Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

1.1 Our Get Aus Online packages are mini-sites built on a generic domain name. The number of pages on this website would depend on the package purchased. Either 2 (Fast Track), 3 (Bronze), 6 (Silver) or 10 (Gold) pages. As these are fixed template sites, the format is not changeable. A domain name is the www. address and may consist of any extension, for example, .au, They are a generic, template website, and are all subject to the same standard format. Any changes outside of this standard format may be subject to an additional charge / upgrade to a bespoke website package.

1.2 The domain name registered with the sales person upon date of purchase is rented from Unitel Direct, and therefore is registered in Unitel Directs name.

1.3 This domain name must be renewed with Unitel Direct, and is the property of Unitel Direct unless payment is received to transfer this domain name away from us.

1.4 Whilst we endeavour to check each available domain name upon purchase, if it transpires that a domain name is not available, we will register the closest domain name available.

1.5 Upon completion of your mini-site, we will email you confirmation of your new site. It is your responsibility to check that content and domain name are suitable.

1.6 If no content is provided for your Mini-site, we will look for other online sources. You, the customer, gives your express permission for us to take information from whichever sources we see fit. If we are unable to find further company information on the Internet, your Mini-Site will be complete with filler text and images, and will be published to a domain name. It will be your responsibility to change this filler text.

1.6a We endeavour to use stock images we deem industry suitable. We cannot be held responsible for any company misrepresentation portrayed in these images. However, if you believe the image(s) do (es) grossly misrepresent your business, we will make necessary adjustments to rectify this with image(s) provided by The Client.

2. Upon completion of your mini-site, we offer a 5-day period for any changes to be made to the images or content on your mini-site after this period, you will then be responsible for your own changes.

2.1 We will provide you with ‘editor’ log-in details, which will not allow for enough access to change the main body of the Fast Track website.

2.2 If changes are made to your website which results in a lack of functionality, Unitel Direct reserves the right to charge for your Mini-Site to be re-built.

2.3 Whilst we will endeavour to explain how to use the editing software of your mini-site, it is your responsibility to ensure you read any appropriate literature provided.

2.4 Unitel Direct does not permit the changing of password on either your Fast Track site or your StatCounter tracking system.

2.5 We do not offer set search engine positions with our Fast Track package. Our Fast Track package is subject to all other terms and conditions Unitel Direct hold.

3. Payments for your Get Aus Online package will be taken either via a one-off payment or via Direct Debit over a period of a 12-month rolling contract. If you wish to cancel your agreement, we require written notice 30 days prior to the expiry date, alternatively you can fill in the cancellation form. Should no notice be received your contract will automatically renew under the same terms. Unitel Direct will retain your domain name, and reserves the right for this domain name to be sold to other companies.

3.1 We may arrange for a monthly Direct Debit to be set up is discussed at point of sale. You are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. This Direct Debit must be received each month to fulfil your contractual agreement with ourselves, and you will incur a charge of £15 for each Direct Debit missed.

3.2 Should a situation arise when you, the customer, does not wish to continue your contract with Unitel Direct, we will request that the remaining term of the contract is received via Credit or Debit card. Cancelling a Direct Debit with Unitel Direct does not automatically cancel your account.

3.3 Contractual terms relating to payment of either our bronze, rapid rank, silver , Gold, Fast Track and directory packages applicable.

3.4 Should your business cease trading or no longer require our services, we will require payment in full for the remaining term of your contract. Unitel Direct reserves the right to remove or sell your domain name.

3.5 If payment is not received in full for your 12 month contract with Unitel Direct, your account may be passed to our in-house Debt Recovery Department. Extra fees maybe incurred if passed to an external company for non payment.

4.0 This contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Great Britain.